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Our Response

to the Covid-19 crisis...

When news of the pandemic broke, we dedicated all of our resources and nonwoven expertise towards preparation.

By March, 2020 we were tested, certified, and face masks were beginning to trickle off our first production lines.

Today we're proud to deliver millions of premium quality, American made face masks across the country.

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Our special partnership with one of the country’s top nonwoven manufacturers allows us to use only the softest and most proven materials to construct our masks.

EcoGuard masks are made in the same facility as our materials, providing a safe, secure, and monitored supply chain for the most important components in our protective equipment.

The nonwoven materials that make up each protective layer go through a careful quality control process before being selected for our masks.


The outer spunbonded layers sandwich a central meltblown layer which receives a 25,000-volt static electric charge.  This layer traps particles as small as .1 micron, ensuring you’re only breathing clean, filtered air.

Our masks and materials have been through comprehensive independent testing to meet the most stringent certification guidelines to reach our goal of producing top-notch quality face masks made in America.

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EcoGuard masks are constructed with both your protection and your comfort in mind.  The statically charged nonwoven material in our masks is breathable and super soft, without the stiff, rough, papery feel of many other masks.

Every EcoGuard mask also comes with soft, fluffy earloops and an adjustable nosebar to keep your mask in place and comfortable for as long as you need to wear it.



We're confident you'll find we've succeeded in bringing a high-quality, American made solution to the fight against Covid-19 and whatever might come next...

Face Masks Made in America